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Tibor Szántó Porcelana Venezuela


70% Porcelana Venezuela van Tibor Szántó


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Mooie chocolade van Tibor, met 70% porcelana cacao uit Venezuela.

Een mooie recensie van deze reep bij beantobar.be. Lees ‘m daar – er staat onder meer: “The longer you wait, the more impressive the flavor is. It is one of those chocolate bar who ask you to take the time to discover their beauty. Every piece you savor unlocks new notes. It simply makes you come back for more. The bar is definitely on the earthy side of the scale, yet allows a nice sweetness, spices and even faint fruit notes to come through. The aroma is both complex and satisfying and will seduce anyone with a taste for real chocolate.”

De smaak

Smaaknotitie van Tibor: diepe cacao, aards, tropische kruidige tonen.

Importeur clearchox vermeldt ook: pure smaak, room, macadamia, bessen

Ingrediënten: cacaobonen, rietsuiker, cacaoboter


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Herkomst Cacao


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