Bertil Akesson is a chocolate & cocoa celebrity whose chocolate we love to have in our shop. He has his own cocoa plantations in Madagascar and elsewhere. There cocoa is grown but also a number of special peppers. We sell his chocolates, a number of dark bars of which some contain these specific pepers.

Akesson's is a cocoa grower and he himself is not a chocolate maker. The bars are made in France in serveral chocolate factories, amongst others by Pralus and Morin. Ofcourse, the recipe is made in a cooperation.

Our favorites: the 100% bars. Beautitful chocolates in their category. Velvety softness, almost no bitterness for such a dark bar. Please not there is no sugar, so for people who are not used to 100% chocolate bars it can still be a fierce experience.

In addition, the combination of chocolate with peppers like the 'wild' Voetsiperifery Pepper are truly masterful.

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