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Academy of Chocolate 2017 Winners

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Package full of winners of the Academy of Chocolate 2017. 7 winning chocolates and a bonus!

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A chocolate package full of award-winning chocolates. These chocolates have all been awarded at the Academy of Chocolate 2017 Awards. The bars all received a gold, silver or bronze medal at the edition of this year.

We have made a selection of chocolates that have been crowned and together form a beautiful and versatile package. An ideal introduction to this kind of chocolates, and with our webshop.

More chocolates from our range were awarded this year. 25 bars in total – and that only from what we have in stock. That would be a somewhat heavy package. So we made a nice choice for you.

In this package:

akesson’s chocolate logo with 100 percent pure madagascar chcoolade
Akesson’s 100% – Silver medal
idilio amiari meridena origine chocolate
Idilio 2 Amiara Meridena – Bronze medal
milk chocolate madagascar caramel
Chocolate Tree Madagascar Milk – Silver medal
akesson’s chocolate with pink pepper
Akesson’s Pink Pepper – Gold medal
georgia ramon coffee nibs arabica chocolate mlek
Georgia Ramon Coffee – Silver medal
Morin peru dark chocolate from French
Morin Peru – Silver medal
amma 75 brazil tree to bar chocolate
Amma 75% – Bronze medal
cocoa suu piura nibs phenomenal chocolate from peru
Bonus: Cacaosuyo Piura
7 prize-winning bars. 5x pure and 2x milk. And then as a bonus, the Cacaosuyo Piura Nibs 70%. We do this bar to remind you (and us) that won prizes are nice, but again not all say. There are a lot of great good chocolates, and even more very moderate ones, and not all of them participate in the chocolate competitions. We think the Cacaosuyo chocolate itself is definitely a winner.

And then we also give a nice discount. Normal loose price for these bars is € 45.85 – you can order this package for € 39.95.

NB. we do not have as much of each bar available. It will therefore happen that we will replace one or more bars from this package for another (prize-winning) chocolate. Of course with at least the same monetary value.


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