Great Taste Awards 2017 Winners

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A package with winners at the Great Taste Awards 2017.

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A package of winners. Five chocolates, for winners at the Great Taste Awards 2017. And with a discount we’re impressed by ourselves.

A milkchocolate (by Mesjokke!), a chocolate with nibs, a dark chocolate from Los Rios Ecuador and a dark chocolate with black pepper from Madagaskar.

We also add a chocolate that didn’t participate in the awards but still is (we think) really really great. Because we hope you will remember that these kind of awards are truly an honor for chocolatemakers but let it not be everything you go by. Chocoaltes without awards can be truly astonishing, award winning chocolate can be dissapoiting. It’s all about taste.

In the Great Taste Awards organised by the ‘Guild of Fine Foods’ all kinds of delicaties are being judged. Chocolate too, and it is awarded with one, two or three stars. Most chocolates that participate don’t win any stars. One star already is kind of special but bars that win two or three stars are really rare.


mesjokke melkchocolade nederlandse bean to bar stardust reep

Two stars ** – Mesjokke Stardust

cru udzungwa original beans tanzania met nibs

One star* – Original Beans Udzungwa Nibs

pure chocolade uit ecuador direct trade glutenvrij veganistisch antioxidanten sojavrij luxe biologisch

One Star* – Pacari Los Rios

akesson's chocolade met zwarte peper

Three stars*** – Akesson’s Black Pepper

Didn’t participate in Great Taste – is one of our personal favorites. Idilio 12.

Nb. the chocolates are in stock in a limited amount. If a chocolate would be all sold out we will send you a similar other award winning chocolate instead. d

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