Standout Chocolate – Sambirano Madagascar 70%


Single origin Madagascar 70% – organic – 2 ingredients.

Taste: fruity. Red fruit, melon, citrus

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Standout Chocolate from Sweden made this dark chocolate with cocoa + sugar. Without further additives, no cocoa butter either.

Organic and in biodegradable compostable packaging.

Furthermore, they provide, and we appreciate, a lot of information about the cocoa, the taste & even pairing suggestions.

Ingredients: cocoa beans, cane sugar.

Country: Madagascar
Region: Samirano
Producer: Akesson’s Organic
Harvest: 2017
Fermentation: Wooden boxes 6 days
Drying: Shade / sun-dried for 7-14 days

Taste notes: red fruit, melon, citrus

Pairing suggestions

Wine: californian Petite Sirah
Spirit: Speyside Single Malt Whiskey
Coffee: Nariño, Colombia, Washed
Tea: Sencha


Standout Chocolate

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Cacao percentage


Cacao Origin

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