Amano Ocumare Venezuela 70%


Rich chocolate flavor in Ocumare Venezuela 70%. With a touch of (real) vanilla.

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It’s about perfection – put Amano on the bar as a subtitle.

A 70% dark chocolate of cocoa from Ocumare, Venezuela – beautiful origin chocolate with a touch of (real) vanilla.

Description of the maker:

“The cocoa from the remote Venezuelan village of Ocumare de La Coasta has been famous since the 1600s. Since we founded Amano, it is an honor for us to work with this special cocoa, which is always one of the finest in the world, and we have seen many people being overwhelmed by the incredible chocolate taste of the Ocumare.

The cocoa farmers of Ocumare and nearby valleys are always friendly and hospitable, making the area one of my favorite places to visit. I truly believe that this chocolate is a good embodiment of the pride, sensitivity and personality of the farmers who grow the cocoa of which we make this chocolate. If you taste it, I’m sure you’ll love it, not only from the chocolate, but also from the farmers and the country where it comes from. “- Art Pollard, founder & chocolate maker.

Tasting notes from the makers: Rich, complex chocolate with taste notes of red fruit and herbs.

The reviews on Amazon of customers who bought the bar do not lie either:

“OMG! This was the most amazing chocolate I’ve ever had.”

“This is the most amazing thing I have ever been .. Break it, smell it, let it melt on your tongue for a moment, bite it and let it melt again.” “It’s an experience like no other … heaven.”

“Uh wow! That was amazing! I was amazed at how much flavor we had in this without added flavors.”

Ingredients: cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole vanilla beans.

Allergy note from the makers: may contain traces of peanuts, nuts, soy, grains and milk.

Nb. the chocolate bar we had ourselves seemed to be something ‘dry’ for us – meant to be made or made unintentionally. The taste is not less to be well known.

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