International Chocolate Awards 2018 World Final

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If you are looking for the best chocolate in the world. Then this is a great package.

A package full of winners of the world final of the International Chocolate Awards. Seven masterful & exclusive chocolates.

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We were very pleased with the result of the world final of the International Chocolate Awards 2018 . Especially since we are very happy with a large number of award-winning chocolates. Of course … there are a lot but when we see that the Guasare from Soma receives the greatest honor (Best in Competition) and also the Esmeraldas chocolate from Soma scores well. Then it certainly fits well with chocolates that we ourselves think are very very good.

Applies to a lot more bars, we now just pick out Soma … there are many more beautiful awards given to beautiful chocolates. Also quite a few of chocolates that we don’t know – of course, as always. Makes thinks interesting too!

So in this package medal winners of the world final of the International Chocolate Awards. The top of the top – you could say.

You can always discuss. Is the jury right? What does a competition say? Is taste not largely personal? Also fair questions and nice to delve into, but knows that the finalists have been judged several times in different rounds. From the preliminary round to the semi-finals per continent and now the final that was held this time in Florence.

As always, the package we made also includes a chocolate that did not win. Because awards aren’t everything, and  a lot of chocolate does not win prizes, or does not even participate, and can still be great. And we would like to emphasize that too.

In this package:

  • 1x Amano A forerunner in the American craft chocolate movement. Make chocolates since 2006. Won with multiple bars, we will select a dark variant for you in the package.
  • 1x Dandelion From San Francisco. Always work with 2 ingredients. Also won with several chocolates, nice! We surprise you with their Belize or Colombia bar, for example. 70% cocoa. No cocoa butter. Formidable, we think.
  • 1x Soma These chocolate makers from Toronto won the biggest ‘best in competion’ price. Of course, the bar was sold out everywhere two weeks later. That’s why you get a different chocolate from Soma. Amazing anyway.
  • 1x Friis Holm Then another great bar from Friis Holm from Denmark. He won a whole bunch of medals again. Wonderfully soft subtle chocolates. Nice!
  • 1x Omnom Made in Iceland. Again so wonderfully soft melting. Just splendid. Won with several chocolates, we will select a beautiful chocolate from them!
  • 1x Random Winner! – So many beautiful chocolates have won. We are happy to send another one with it. From Solkiki ? Or Fruition ? Or the Cacao Hunters from Colombia? You will notice it when you open your package. Will anyway be a prize-winning & amp; beautiful chocolate.
  • 1x Not Winner! – To finish the package … another 7th chocolate. We do not reveal what it is, but it is dark chocolate, he did not participate in the international chocolate awards, so did not win any prizes, but is great! Because Awards are great, but there’s more great chocolate out there.

Most chocolates from the winner’s package are dark. But milk chocolate has also won from Omnom.

Do you prefer dark chocolate only? Then put it in the comments field during checkout, we will take this into account  and you will only get dark chocolate. Also useful if you are vegan or have lactose allergies. Or if you just – just like us – prefer dark chocolate a little more.

amano ocumare venezuela rijke complexe maar ook klassieke chocolade met wat vanillepure wild bolivia chocolade van fruitionomnom madagaskar melkchocolade craft chocolate uit reykjavik ijsland

friis holm nicaliso nicaragua chocolade prijswinnaarsoma ecuador craft canadian chocoladebelize american craft bean to bar chocolate belize 70

The chocolates shown are a possible content of the prize-winning bars. You get another 7th great chocolate!

We send prize-winning bars per maker, but it is possible that you will get different bars than those shown by the same maker. These are small-scale chocolate bars, so it is possible that a certain chocolate is not available at all. Then we will send a replacement bar with at least the same value.


And that price? 59.95 for 7 bars? More than worth the money? You can decide that yourself. Know that these are the winners in the world finals, therefore chosen as the best in the world. And even if they were not – they are not just chocolate bars, not at all. Most of these chocolates have a retail price that is even higher. Towards € 10 each or sometimes even a little higher.

7 chocolates in this package. 6 prize winners &  another phenomenal chocolate that did not participate in the awards.

See the entire result again? That is possible here.


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