Morin – Esmaraldas Ecuador 100%


Fine organic 100% cocoa chocolate from Esmeraldas, Ecuador

Taste note from the maker: nutty, spicy, vegetal

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Nice nutty 100% chocolate from cocoa from the Esmeraldas region in Ecuador. The French chocolate maker Morin makes this beautiful chocolate bar.

Taste note: this 100% cocoa from the Esmeraldas province brings a spicy character with vegetal and nutty notes of taste.

Ingredients: cocoa beans (organic)

Allergy note of the maker: may contain traces of milk, nuts and sesame.

Awards: won a bronze medal at the International Chocolate Awards 2019.

Morin also gives a nice general advice on the 100% bars:

“What you have in your hands is the essence of cocoa, the direct result of the combination of the terroir of the cocoa trees and the work of the cocoa farmers. To fully appreciate this 100% cocoa chocolate, we advise you to be as patient as possible. Let a little piece melt in the mouth to make all flavors come out “

Morin also says about this specific cocoa:

“This cocoa grows in the northern part of the province of Esmeraldas, which is covered by a tropical forest. The villages are mainly on the edge of the rivers and the traditional means of transport is the canoe. The cocoa tree is native to the region and has always contributed to the economic support of the communities.

It is grown in agroforestry, in the shade of different types of trees such as mango, banana, coconut, orange and wood. Cocoa is grown in the traditional way and the pods are yellow and have a grainy appearance. Very little cultivated with Trinitarios cocos, this zone presents almost no mixture of varieties. It contains the “Nacional” cocoa, very popular and known for its characteristic taste “arriba”. It is grown exclusively in Ecuador and represents only 2% of world production.

There are 22 fresh cocoa bean reminders centers where farmers can bring their beans two days a week and get paid immediately according to the specified weight. A canoe or truck takes the beans to the processing center after the harvest. The beans are then fermented, dried and packaged. “(Gt)


A. Morin

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Johe chocolate. Special soft melting bar from the exclusive Danish chocolate maker Friis Holm.


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