International Chocolate Awards 2017 Winners

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Package of winners of the world final of the International Chocolate Awards

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A chocolate package full of winners of the world finals of the International Chocolate Awards 2017. A package full of award-winning dark chocolates & two dark milk chocolates.

These chocolates have already been awarded at the semi-finals that take place per continent. Then they advance to the final and are judged again. And of course … the jury will award the very best chocolates with a bronze, silver or gold medal.


Dandelion Belize 70% (Triple MMM Gold – € 8,00)

Friis Holm Chuno Triple Turned (Gold – € 9,50)

Fruition 68% Marañon Dark Milk (Bronze – € 13.95)

Pacari Piura 70% (Bronze – € 7.50)

Akesson’s 75% (Silver – € 4.95)

And then as with all our packages full of prize winners, another bar that was not in the prizes but is also beautiful. The honor goes this time to the

Rózsavölgyi Chuno Nicaragua (€ 7.95)

A bar of ‘Chuno’ cocoa from Nicaragua – and therefore great to compare with the much-awarded chocolate from Friis Holm. And also in itself a very interesting bar.

Normal price of this package € 51.85. However, we give a nice discount on a package like this and make € 47.00. This way you can pay exactly € 49.95 with shipping costs. No money for so much beautiful chocolate.

As always applies: it is chocolate that does not come from gigantic factories, on the contrary, and therefore not always in stock or easy to order. Is there something on then we replace a bar for a comparable prize-winning copy, of course at least with the same value.

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