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The Lakuna of Cacaosuyo. Delicious complex chocolate

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So fine, so good, this Lakuna chocolate from Cacaosuyo! *

They say about this bar themselves, translated by me somewhat ramblingly: Our passion to seek out new adventures and chocolates brings us to this beautiful cocoa that can be found in the difficult to reach Amazon forests in the rich jungle of Peru. Transformed into an extraordinary dark sweetness full of floral notes that combine intimately with fruit flavor. A new experience for those who dream of deliciously different flavors. We call her ‘Lakuna’.

The taste: dark sweetness
Good to know: this chocolate is not as we know it from years ago. Definitely still with a dark sweetness & floral notes, which you recognize right away, but in our experience different from 3 years ago when we also tasted this chocolate. You will certainly recognize the floral notes, and perhaps even remind you of perfume. There is also a lot to taste, we find the flavors that are released a bit overwhelming. Anyway, it might be nice if you have never tasted anything other than ‘chocolate flavor’, then you will know in one go how only cocoa and sugar contain very different flavors. So we are less enthusiastic than years ago, when this was our favorite Cacaosuyo. Now it is a bit heavy for us, and we prefer to take a piece of the Piura (with nibs) ourselves. Could also be us of course!

Taste note from the makers: dark sweetness full of floral notes in combination with fruitiness.

You can find a nice review at where this bar gets 4.5 stars: “This is a bar filled to the brim with flavors. But it will not overpower you with bold aromas. It is smooth, complex and delicate.” – the chocolate is also called a real autumn chocolate.

The blog Chocolate Indulgenge also reviewed the bar and wrote about the taste: “An aroma of vanilla, leather, green and metallic notes. The taste started tannic, developing into liquorice, clove, vanilla, pepper, root beer, cola and Dr Pepper. ”

The ingredients: 2
Cocoa mass, sugar

May contain traces of milk, nuts and peanuts.

The makers: Cacaosuyo
Cocoa suyo from Peru.



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70 gram

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