Casa Cacao – Arhuaco Colombia Dark 72%


Casa Cacao pure origin chocolate with 72% cocoa from Colombia from the Arhuaco community.

With dark taste notes in the direction of wood and peat

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Casa Cacao made this pure origin chocolate with cocoa from the Arhuacos region in Catanzama, Sierra Nevada, Colombia.

For those who don’t know it – Casa Cacao is the chocolate factory of El Celler de Can Roca, world famous three star restaurant in Girona. The Roca brothers make the most stunningly flavourful dishes there. Jordi Roca takes care of the desserts and thus (of course) developed a great interest in chocolate, and of course he went to the source – the cocoa origins, to taste the cocoa plantations and to fully understand cocoa and thus chocolate. This is how the book ‘Casa Cacao’ came about – about this trip (highly recommended) and later the plan to make chocolate yourself – of course directly from the cocoa bean (bean to bar). And so to share the love for chocolate, the love for the origin of the cocoa. In ‘Casa Cacao’ (the home of cocoa) you can taste all kinds of chocolate treats as a visitor, you can sleep there and you can see how the chocolate is made. From cocoa bean to chocolate bar.

In this case made from the cocoa from harvest year 2018. Very rightly, in addition to the origin, mention because the circumstances and the weather have a great influence on the growth of the cocoa fruit and therefore also on the taste of the seeds of the cocoa fruit (the cocoa beans ) that we like so much when they are made into chocolate with a little sugar. Just like with wine, or actually with everything that grows on a tree. You taste more with attention.

Taste note from the makers: Soft acidity, peat, wood, leather, cocoa and a hint of blackberries.

The makers go on to say: “Cocoa harvested and fermented by the indigenous community of Arhuacos in the Sierra de Santa Marta, in northern Colombia. Cocoa called Criollo, fermented in the Macondo Cooperative Center where cocoa is fermented and dried for up to twenty-six producers From the area. In the workshop of Casa Cacao we select the cocoa by hand, we roast, crack and winnow the beans, we add organic cane sugar and cocoa butter and conch for at least 48 hours. ”

Ingredients: cocoa, cane sugar, cocoa butter.


Casa Cacao

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