Casa Cacao – Piura Peru Dark 66%


Pure origin chocolate with 66% cocoa from Piura, Peru from the Norandino cooperative (harvest 2019)

With fruity sour taste notes of passion fruit and orange

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Dark origin chocolate made with 66% cocoa from the Norandino cooperative, from Piura Peru. Made from the cocoa harvest of 2019 as the makers nicely mention. Very rightly so, because the cocoa harvest will be different every year. The cocoa fruit naturally grows very dependent on the weather conditions and you can definitely taste that in the cocoa beans and in the chocolate that is ultimately made with them. And also nice to be able to compare that way when tasting. For example, you can taste the same cocoa from the same cooperative at different makers (we just call it a horizontal tasting), but you can also have a ‘vertical tasting’ where you taste the different harvests. You may have to be a very big chocolate lover for that (we like it, every now and then) but just enjoy this chocolate and think about where it comes from, the work that the cocoa farmers (luckily for a fair price) have for it done, the cocoa tree that grows slowly and bears fruit after five years. The seeds of the cocoa fruit, the cocoa beans – which are then carefully fermented and dried. And then … the work of the chocolate maker who grinds, grinds. And so it comes to you, and may the chocolate in your mouth complete this journey. Every reason to enjoy it with some attention – as far as we are concerned.

For those who haven’t read it elsewhere: Casa Cacao is the chocolate factory of El Celler de Can Roca – widely praised and awarded – as one of the best in the world. The Roca brothers cook – it seems – magisterial. Jordi Roca provides the amazing desserts and traveled back to South America several years ago to visit the cocoa plantations, discover the source of chocolate, the cocoa. The trip resulted in a book (also called Casa Cacao, very worthwhile, in our opinion) and the plan to show (and taste) what chocolate is in Girona near the restaurant, from cocoa bean to chocolate bar. and what’s so beautiful about it. And yes, that includes attention to and respect for the origin of the cocoa. As it – as far as we are concerned – ‘should’. Very nice that also flavor celebrities like the Roca brothers want to convey the love for chocolate. Hopefully you can taste that in this and their other chocolates too. As you would expect from a restaurant with three Michelin stars, the price is also in the higher direction. But as far as we are concerned, you can really pay a bit more for good chocolate and it is a shame that the majority of the bars in the supermarket are only about snacking as cheaply as possible, usually without even mentioning any origin. . But that’s another story, now let’s talk about the taste:

Flavor profile: Very sour, passion fruit, orange, melon and grapefruit

We have to say that we don’t like the acidity (we wouldn’t call it ‘very sour’) – but the fruity sourness is certainly palatable, and in our opinion tasteful.

The makers go on to say: “Cocoa from the most prestigious cocoa producing area in Peru, where the so-called” white cocoa “predominates, collected by small producers in the area. In the workshop of Casa Cacao we select the cocoa by hand, roast we, we crack and sift the beans, we add organic cane sugar and conch it for at least 48 hours. ”

Ingredients: cocoa, sugar.

Allergy note from the makers: may contain traces of nuts, milk, gluten and soy.


Casa Cacao

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