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Milk chocolate collection from Chocolate makers.

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A package with 6 delicious milk chocolates from Chocolatemakers from Amsterdam. And two extra minis – ideal for handing out.

A wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with the exceptionally honest, sustainable & delicious chocolates of Chocolatemakers – bean to bar from Amsterdam.

Lover of milk chocolate? Just order, we would say! First know more? Read more about the chocolate bars in this package below.

Good to know: we deliver by mail delivery & in 30 cities by bicycle courier.Shipping costs are always € 2.95. Checkout is easy with iDeal or Paypal.

In this package:

organic chocolate from chocolate makers from amsterdam bean to bar gorilla bar milk chocolate

Gorilla Bar 37% (2x!)

The cocoa for this organic chocolate is grown near the Virunga National Park in Congo. There are projects where the local population cultivates cocoa close to this exceptional nature park. This creates income and reduces the pressure on the nature park itself. So this bar is not only very tasty but also helps, even if only slightly, to protect the endangered mountain gorillas in the park.

milk chocolate from chocolate makers tres hombres 40

40% Milk chocolate Tres Hombres (2x!)

Here we really have to tell you what the Tres Hombres is. As you can see on the bar – it is a sailing ship. With this ship, cocoa from the Dominican Republic is transported to Amsterdam entirely on the wind force. And some rum, that also fits into the hold. And they do not sail once, but every year again. With cocoa among others for this milk chocolate – with a pinch of salt. Sea salt, of course.

52% Dark Milk Awajún (2x!)

Chocolatemakers’ most recent milk chocolate is extra special. Not only because the cocoa comes from the native Peruvian Awajún population – and chocolate makers are building a chocolate factory in Peru together with them. Also because the bar itself contains a lot of cocoa for milk chocolate. Pure chocolates with less cocoa are available in the supermarket. A dark milk chocolate. Particularly soft, tasty cocoa!

The acquaintance with the milk chocolate collection from Chcoolatemakers is so complete.

And so you get all bars twice. Because we do know that milk chocolate lovers do not have enough on one bar.

You also get two mini trails in this package. Nice to hand out!

Want to know more about Chocolate makers?

chocolate makers rodney and enver

Bean to bar from Amsterdam
snow white with bicycle came to pick up a piece of chocolate makers75

Let the chocolate from the supermarket one time left, and choose bean to bar chocolate.

Chocolate makers make the beautiful chocolates from bean to bar, from cocoa bean to chocolate bar, all in Amsterdam.

That is special, for almost all chocolate at the supermarket or pastry shop, the cocoa is processed in huge mills of billions. Unfortunately, cocoa has become both cheap and anonymous, a true bulk product.

That has two major drawbacks:

Cocoa farmers now have no power at all, and hardly any income.

Moreover, almost nobody knows that cocoa is a beautiful and complex product.That the cocoa can taste completely different, just as with wine, depending on where it grows and the climate conditions (terroir). That every harvest can taste differently.

It is therefore important that companies such as chocolate makers are really different!

Cocoa by sailing ship & a chocolate factory in Peru
sailing ship Tres HombresReal cocoa, sustainable processing, delicious chocolate.

This way Chocolatemakers does that, among other things:

Direct trade with the cocoa farmers, and close long-term cooperation. With a good & fair price.
In Peru, a chocolate factory is set up together with the cocoa farmers. The cooperative and Chocolate makers are together owner.
The cocoa comes with the sailing ship Tres Hombres from the Dominican Republic. So completely on wind force!
Biologically certified & Zero Waste policy. For example, the packaging is 100% compostable.
The most sustainable chocolate factory in the world! Chocolate makers will move to a new chocolate factory in Amsterdam in 2019. The goal: to make entirely ‘off the grid’ chocolate.



Chocolatemakers - Amsterdamse eerlijke chocolademakers. Bean to bar, biologisch. Ze werken heel erg duurzaam en hun chocoladerepen zijn heel erg lekker. Moet je gewoon een keer proeven.


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