Pump Street Bakery – Introductory package 4 Mini’s

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Meet Pump Street Bakery with these four mini’s. Milk & Pure!

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A perfect test package – four minigeps of 20 grams – that is a perfect introduction to the extraordinary chocolates of Pump Street Bakery.


66% Ecuador with sourdough and salt
Madagascar 58% Milk chocolate
Ecuador 85% Hacienda Limon
Jamaica 75% Bachelors Hall Estate
Four cute mini’s of 20 grams. A perfect whole to taste quietly. Five grams at a time is enough to taste well so you can also do it for a while. Break off piece, smell, melt on the tongue … enjoy.

But beware – we’ll say it again – it’s 20 grams of chocolates. Cute and small, and perfect for getting acquainted, but we’ll say it just so you do not expect bars of full size.

Beautiful trial package and Pump Street Bakery makes, in addition to artisan breads and other bakery products, really great chocolates. They also press cocoa butter themselves, quite unique. Read more about the Pump Street chocolates on their own site where they provide a clear explanation of chocolate, cocoa, fermentation, terroir, and so on, everything that has to do with cocoa.


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