Raaka First Nibs – Tahin, Date, Pink Salt (3 chocolates)

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Package with the exclusive ‘First Nibs’ experimental chocolate by Raaka.

Unroasted cocoa, 3 dark chocolates with special extras.

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In ‘first nibs’, Raaka makes two exclusive chocolates every time, especially for this series (in an edition of 1200 pieces). On is on. Supplemented with a third matching chocolate, it becomes a nice package, and Raaka supplies a nice card with background information, a nice box. And so you have a nice package, every time.

We also know Raaka as masters of refined flavors. They always use unroasted cocoa (of course, of high quality), and while they also have dark chocolates (their 100% chocolate from Tanzania cocoa is great as far as we are concerned) we certainly also appreciate how they manage to make beautiful combinations. Whether that is by combining chocolate with Sauvignon wine, with coconut milk or with lemon and coconut.

In the ‘First Nibs’ series, Raaka takes the experiment a little further, and you taste something that you can only taste in the First Nibs in most cases. Often delicious, sometimes a little less successful, but always exciting.

In this ‘episode’ of First Nibs, Raaka is heading for spices in collaboration with two companies from their area: Just Date Syrup and Seed + Mill.

This is how they make:

a dark chocolate with fig, fenugreek and tahini.
a dark chocolate with dates and za’atar
supplemented with their dark chocolate with pink sea salt
This package therefore contains these 3 bars, in a box, with extra information. Numbered bars from the series of 1200 that have been made, so it is clear how exclusive it is. And well … it is, until recently not even available outside the US, but the European importer was able to get hold of a number of sets, and so did we.

Anyway, we especially like that Raaka does not shy away from the experiment, or rather: celebrates the experiment. Because like this package, they make First Nibs packages almost every month. We will of course also try to get a number of sets in the future, so that we and our customers can enjoy what they come up with.

The package contains:

3 exciting chocolates of 50 grams
Transparency traded cocoa
Vegan, gluten free, soy free, nut free.
A cardboard box and extra information about the creation. And as always with the chocolates, also a wrapper full of useful information. Where does the cocoa come from, what do they pay for it. Etc. Very nice.
(For the sake of completeness: the first picture at the top is from an earlier First Nibs package, with slightly different contents. You get the chocolates mentioned here in the text)



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Dieet of Levenswijze


3×50 gram


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