Taste Travel #1: Peru. Origin Chocolate Package


Taste the taste of Peruvian cocoa with our taste journey # 1 package.

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taste tour package origine chocolate peru taste travelTravel without moving. Only by tasting. This is how the taste journey of chocolate works. That is exactly what chocolate is about. The origin of the cocoa makes an incredible amount for the taste of the chocolate.

The taste of the origin – which let bean to bar chocolate makers like to taste you – you can say: the origin of the cocoa is essential.

Where candy chocolate from the supermarket is made from ‘bulk cocoa’ from Ivory Coast, craft chocolate makers use carefully crafted quality cocoa. And yes, it is true that cocoa from Madagascar tastes completely different from those from Peru. But also within countries there are differences depending on the region and fermentation. A true voyage of discovery.

Taste tour # 1: Your destination is Peru.
Book your trip and enjoy …. Peru.

With this chocolate package you can taste chocolates made from cocoa from Peru.

There are several regions in Peru where cocoa is grown. You will certainly come across the regions of San Martin, Piura and Cusco if you are introduced to Peruvian cacao. The capital Quito too – even if only because bean to bar chocolate is made there.

See if you receive your order especially on the bar what is about the origin. Only Peru, or another region or cooperative. Also on the internet it is often quite specific to find where the cocoa is grown. Important, but also very nice.

The cocoa often has beautifully fruity taste notes, but is very diverse anyway. From soft fruity to more toffee and dark fruit. From citrus to banana tones. Taste with attention and you will be guaranteed to adjust staa.

Order this chocolate package
Do especially,

You can indicate whether you only want dark chocolates or whether milk chocolate can be added next to pure milk.
We make a nice selection of chocolates from the highest quality Peruvian cocoa of at least five bars. Naturally made by great bean to bar chocolate makers.
The composition changes. We choose the best chocolate of the moment and the retail value will always be at least € 27, – often more.
Although we would like to surprise you a bit and therefore do not completely abandon the contents of the package, we can already say: we always try to supply at least one chocolate (preferably more) that is also made entirely in Peru.

Cocoa grown in Peru and also made into chocolate in Peru. A nice principle, especially because there is also really very fine chocolate is made. In addition, of course, a nice way to keep more value in the country of origin. It is important to think about it once in a while in a world that can always be fairer. And if the chocolate is also fantastic, there are only winners.

Furthermore, we give here some examples of chocolate from Peruvian cocoa. Mind you, this is purely indicative – we will make a special selection of suitable bars for every package!

marana san martin peru 70 chocolate bean to bar origin
cocoa suy roasted cocoa bibs chocolate piura pure perubean to bar peru milk chocolate chocolate tree maranon
feitoria do cocoa maranon peru craft chocolate bean to bar

Taste chocolate & travel to the origin of the cocoa
If you come into contact with better chocolate you will soon notice that the origin of the cocoa has a huge influence on the final chocolate.

In addition, of course, that there is no such thing as ‘chocolate taste’ – although whoever is used to the supermarket shake may think so. Does not matter, step by step we continue. Do we make discoveries. That is only beautiful!

In addition, as is often the case, the journey is the goal.

Because the discovery in chocolate is beautiful. We also literally began our journey of discovery – on cycling holidays in Germany & France. We started cautiously with Lindt. Not yet in the Dutch supermarkets. We discovered that chocolate can be delicious – in that case by flavoring additives. Only later did we discover that chocolate itself can also be so diverse. That it really matters who the maker is and where the cocoa comes from. And to make the long story short – now we have judged at various international chocolate festivals & we sell over 300 different bean to bar chocolates in our webshop. But our journey is not finished yet – there is so much to discover. To learn & to read. To taste, of course, too. Nice.

Enough text and explanation do we hope? If not send us an email!

Book your trip, order this chocolate package and you will receive a wonderful selection of chocolates from Peruvian cocoa. You can choose whether you only want pure or milk.

(google translated original in dutch)

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Just dark?

Dark please, You can add milk

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