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Taste Travel #2: Madagaskar. Origin Chocolate Package


Taste the taste of Madagascar in our second taste travel package!

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ravel without moving. Only by tasting. This is how the chocolate taste journey works. In this package we will gladly take you to the beautiful cocoa of Madagascar.

That is precisely what originated chocolate is. The origin of the cocoa makes an incredible difference to the taste of the chocolate.

The taste of the origin – bean to bar chocolate makers are happy to taste you – you can say: the origin of the cocoa is essential.

Where candy chocolates from the supermarket are made from ‘bulk cocoa’ from Ivory Coast, craft chocolate makers use quality cocoa grown with care. And yes, then cocoa from Madagascar tastes completely different than that from Peru. But also within countries there are differences depending on the region and fermentation. A true journey of discovery.

Taste trip # 1: Your destination is Madagascar.
Book your trip and enjoy …. Madagascar.

With this chocolate package you can taste specific chocolates made from cocoa from Madagascar.

Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world. The great thing is that in the world of cocoa the abuses of the big industry take place elsewhere. Madagascar is very progressive in the field of cocoa. It stands for its high quality cocoa, including the cocoa plantations of Millot and Akesson’s. There are also chocolate makers who make chocolate themselves in Madagascar, including Chocolaterie Robert (Chocolat Madagascar) and Madécasse. This way, more value remains in this country. And that is desperately needed, because as I said … it is a country of extreme poverty.

When you receive your order, look on the bar for information about the origin. Only Madagascar, or a specific region or cooperative. Also on the internet it is often quite specific to find where the cocoa is grown. This way you learn more about the world in a fun way. Let countries and people come closer. And we think that’s important.

The cocoa from Madagascar is known for its fruitiness and acidity. Consider tones of red berries and lemon.

Sometimes also milder. A good example is the cocoa from Ottange Farm of the Ramanandraibe family that has been awarded Cacao of Excellence. Quite an honor, every year some of the best cocoa in the world is awarded, and that includes cocoa.

The cocoa from Madagsakar is a great eye-opener for many people. Very different from what you find in the supermarket, a good origin to understand at once what originated chocolate is.

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You can indicate whether you only want pure chocolate or whether you can include milk chocolate in addition to pure.
We make a nice selection of chocolates of the highest quality Peruvian cocoa from at least five bars. Naturally made by great bean to bar chocolate makers.
The composition varies. We choose the best origin chocolate of the moment & the retail value will of course always be at least € 27, – often more.
Although we would like to surprise you a bit and therefore do not fully disclose the contents of the package, we can already say that we always try to supply at least one chocolate (more preferably) that is also made entirely in Madagascar.

Cocoa grown in Madagascar and also made into chocolate in Madagskar. A nice principle, certainly because beautiful chocolate is made there. Moreover, a great way to retain more value in the country of origin. It is important to think about every now and then in a world that can always be fairer. And if the chocolate is also fantastic, there are only winners.

We also give some examples of chocolates from Madagascar cocoa. Please note, this is purely indicative – we will make a special selection of suitable bars with every package!

madecasse 70% pure madagskar tree to bar chocolate direct trade fair fair for lifeomnom chocolate a pure cocoa chocolate from madagascar prize-winning chocolate bar particularly fruity and sublime chocolate madagascar 70% organic fair made in africa sustaiblable fairestamano madagaskar chocolate special origin cocoa 70% pure fruity soft vanilla

akesson madagascar 75% pure chocolate

Taste chocolate & travel to the origin of the cocoa
If you come into contact with better chocolate you will soon notice that the origin of the cocoa has a huge influence on the final chocolate.

And of course there is no such thing as ‘chocolate flavor’ – although those who are used to the supermarket may think so. Doesn’t matter, step by step we move on. We make discoveries. That is only beautiful!

As is often the case, the journey is the goal.

Because the discovery tour in chocolate is wonderful. We also started our voyage of discovery literally on a trip – on cycling holidays in Germany & France. We started carefully – with Lindt. Not yet available in Dutch supermarkets. We discovered

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