Chocolate Story Venezuela 100%


100% cocoa from Venezuela – with notes of nuts, roasting & red fruit.

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Where many chocolate makers previously limited themselves to a range of 70% chocolates, or perhaps a single milk bar, we see more and more chocolate makers who also venture to a 100%. Fun, and also a bit exciting, because where they often build up enough experience with the ‘normal’ percentages and corresponding taste profiles of the ‘classic’ 70% cocoa / 30% sugar, the influence of the sugar disappears with the 100% and you enter a completely different playing field. Of course the maker still has influence … whether or not to add cocoa butter, grinding longer or shorter? Roasting higher or subtle? In any case, we think it is an art to only make something beautiful with cocoa. And although we still love sugar in our bars ourselves, we certainly like it that many also try 100% (or want nothing else) to enjoy it in small pieces. And also nice that more makers try to make something beautiful for all these people. So too Chocolate Story, Manafaktura Czekolady from Poland.

Ingredients: Cocoa beans from Venezuela (100%)

Taste profile importer: Nice tones on a background of cherries, aronia and currants.

Taste profile maker: Roasted wood, caramel, nuts.

Interesting that the opinions differ here. Although maybe it’s just a matter of what to emphasize. For the importer it’s more the tangy acidity, for the makers more the roasted nutty notes of the bar. We haven’t tasted it ourselves yet, we just tasted all the 70%, but ofcourse will do so later. But already you can go by the directyion the maker & importer give in their taste notes.

Allergy note: may contain traces of milk and nuts.

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