Chocolate Tree – Arhuaco Colombia 70%


Arhuaco Colombia 70% of Chocolate Tree

The latest Limited Edition cocoa chocolate from Arhuacos, from Sierra Nevada – Colombia.

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A special ‘limited edition’ chocolate from Chocolate Tree. Earlier they made a chocolate with Chuao cocoa, this time we are even more enthusiastic, because this time the cocoa comes from Northern Colombia, from the Arhuaco from the Sierra Nevada. With a rich taste – described by the makers as wild dark forest fruits but there is certainly more to taste – cream, honey, and coffee we like to add to the description.

Nice to see and taste in real life – the makers (Ali & Frederike) visited the area in 2019. We appreciate these Scottish makers very much – we know them from their visits to Chocoa festival, and of course from their work as chocolate makers. And it’s great that they got excited about their visit to the Arhuacos. This is an indigenous people in the north of Colombia, they live in the mountains and plateaus and have a great spiritual tradition, in which they also attach great importance to harmony with nature. Painful to hear the Arhuacos tell about this harmony from a city full of concrete and tiles, where it is not difficult to realize that we have lost this awareness in the Netherlands (and in many other places, actually around the world). But also inspiring, because the connection of nature is still so visible here, if only for something as simple as the orange tip (butterfly) that flies on the cuckoo flowers year after year, or if you have a mint plant in your If you have a garden there is just a chance that the beautifully shiny blue mint goldcrest (beetle) will find it. If you don’t know it, you don’t see it, but if you delve even a little bit into the world of plants and animals, you see many dependencies and connections – and you also realize that the world we live in keeps livable (also for the human beings) is about more than just that one concept ‘co2’. Anyway, look for some videos on YouTube (Arhuaco or Arhuacos), for some background, and immediately see the beautiful characteristic white outfits that are traditionally worn in our eyes.

The makers say about it: “The Arhuaco area an indigenous tribe of the Sierra Nevada mountains, in Northern Colombia. They grow native organic cocoa to supplement their community with an income. We visited the Arhuaco in 2019 and are very excited to bring you this 70% dark chocolate bar with notes of wild dark forest fruits.”

The taste: described by the makers as notes of wild dark forest fruits. But then as far as we’re concerned, they do this chocolate short. In addition to indeed notes of various fruits (blackberry, raspberry), we also taste cream, sweet honey, and at the end some dark tones towards coffee. A nice taste progression when you let the bar melt – first the creaminess, maybe also slightly nutty (perhaps macadamia), then the fruit and intense sweetness, and then the slightly roasted coffee flavors.

Ingredients: cocoa beans (Colombia), cane sugar, cocoa butter (Peru).

70% cocoa. Content 80 grams.

Maker’s Allergy Note: Made in a facility that also processes milk and nuts. May contain (minor) traces of this.


Chocolate Tree

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1 review for Chocolate Tree – Arhuaco Colombia 70%

  1. Francisca

    Heerlijke pure chocolade. Bosvruchten, rode wijn, tropisch fruit. Dat is wat ik voornamelijk proef. Onderscheid zich duidelijk in smaak. Verder ook lekker romig. Doet me denken aan een zwoele dag.
    Ook een mooie reep om te zien.
    Van mijn abonnement is dit mijn favoriet. Heerlijk!

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