Chocolatemakers Couverture – Awajun 80% Peru Bio (2kg)


Dark chocolate couverture by Chocolatemakers. 80% Criollo Awajun. For home bakers or chefs and anyone working professionally with chocolate.

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Dark chocolate from 80% criollo cocoa (organic) from the Awajun area in Peru. In a bag with 2 kg couverture drops.

The Awajún are traditional hunters and gatherers. They live in the jungle of the Amazon rainforest in north-east Peru. With the income from this organic cocoa, the Awajún can provide for themselves. For example, they are not forced to make money by selling wood or cutting down for agriculture and animal husbandry. This bar contributes to the preservation of the tropical rainforest and the development of sustainable cultivation of cocoa.

Packaging: Couverture in plastic bag with small drops. (2kg)

Taste profile: Powerful cocoa flavor with subtle hint of red fruit and nutty aftertaste

Ingredients: 80% cocoa beans, 19% sugar and 1% cocoa butter, all ingredients from organic cultivation

Allergy comment from the makers: Suitable for people with nut allergy. Contains no traces of nuts or peanuts. Allergens: may contain traces of lactose

Delivery time: sending within +/- 2 weeks.

Shelf life: at least 6 months.

Need more chocolate couverture? Feel free to send an email for the options. We are happy to help every company in the Netherlands (and beyond) with better chocolate, even if it is not through us. So you have specific chocolate needs in your kitchen, send an email and we think along!




Chocolatemakers - Amsterdamse eerlijke chocolademakers. Bean to bar, biologisch. Ze werken heel erg duurzaam en hun chocoladerepen zijn heel erg lekker. Moet je gewoon een keer proeven.

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  1. Chocoladeverkoper Paul

    Om te zien wat voor heerlijks je met deze chocolade kunt maken moet je bijvoorbeeld eens kijken bij Pizzacafé Desem in Nijmegen. Zij gebruiken deze Awajun in buitengewoon smaakvolle desserts. Dan kun je gelijk hun heerlijke pizza’s proeven, en hun fijne selectie (natuur)wijnen, ciders & speciale bieren. Van harte aangeraden.

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