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Chocolatoa Nicaragua 70% Matiguas Flor De Pancasan San Juan de las Mulas

A cocoa from Nicaragua, the great thing is that it is included in the ‘Cocoa Flavor Map’, an initiative to put cocoa from a number of South American countries on the map (quite literally).

With this you can find a lot of information via this link, about taste, fermentation, origin, etc – basically anything you want to know about the cocoa, including the (contact) details of the cooperative.

Taste note about the cocoa: muscat wine, liquorice, sweet grapes, clove, berry, aromatic

Scent note: floral bouquet of red wine, peach, melon, apple cider, herbal gin

We taste a pleasant full ‘chocolate flavor’ in the chocolate itself with subtle hints of the above. Little bitter, lots of taste. Do not expect overwhelming fruit, it is really a creamy chocolate flavor with subtle tones. That is soon ‘too chocolatey’ for Chocolate seller Emma, ​​she is more of the distinct and more acidic taste. Chocolate seller Paul does find it an interesting bar that is worth tasting. We will of course sit in front of it.

This makes this bar, in our opinion, extremely suitable for:

those looking for the classic chocolate flavor with subtle different taste tones
who has not already tasted a lot of pure chocolate and is looking for a nice bar to start with
and of course anyone who already knows beautiful cocoa from Nicaragua & the chocolates from Chocolatoa and has experienced the quality through his other chocolate bars.
Ingredients: cocoa beans (70%) & sugar.

Allergy note: may contain traces of nuts.

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