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Fossa made this dark chocolate with sake kasu.

Made with white & red kasu. This is the rice used to make sake. The sake is bottled and the rice is left over but very tasty.
Definitely think of umami, no taste for everyone – very suitable for the greatest taste adventurers!

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Tht September 2021 . Quality of course guaranteed.

We start with this chocolate with a warning: this is a bar that really will not please everyone. But those who are looking for something really very special and who are not afraid of a good umami taste … they can enjoy it here. For lovers of sake, for lovers of Japan, for lovers of umami, for lovers of the most special taste experiences. And for enthusiasts who already know and appreciate the quality of Fossa, of course.

A dark chocolate (75%) with …. sake kasu.

As we understand, Fossa makes a chocolate with sake kasu every year. Most people are familiar with sake – an alcoholic brewed drink based on fermented rice. Sake kasu is the rice used to make sake. You can use the rice in dishes, eat it – or of course … make an exciting chocolate with it.

And Fossa wouldn’t be Fossa if they didn’t just use sake kasu. A collaboration has been sought with Kuro Kura – what we understand from the description and their website are true experts of artisinal sake.

She selected white kasu from the Chio Sake Brewery in the Nara prefecture where brewmaster Tetsuya Sakai tries to get the best out of his rice and wants to brew better and better with the local water.

The red kasu comes from Inemankai – a special sake from the Mukai brewery made with a red rice that grows in the brewer’s hometown – Ine in rural Kyoto.

Taste note from the makers: umami, fruity with a subtle sake aroma.

We can certainly agree with that. The pieces of sake kasu give a strong and long-lasting umami flavor where we thought of mushrooms as well as the taste of a heavy cheese. Intriguing, and getting used to. But very nice. Lots of flavor, in a small piece. And a lot to discover.

Ingredients: cocoa, cane sugar, sake kasu (rice, koji)

May contain a (very low) percentage of alcohol – because it is made with rice used for making Sake. But as far as we can taste that is really minimal.

Allergy note: made in a place where milk and nuts are also processed.



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