Ocelot – Black Cherry

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70% dark chocolate with black cherries. The cherries are ground with the chocolate so that you do not have loose pieces but really one whole. A flavor bomb of chocolate and sweet and sour cherries. Intense cherry flavor that you keep tasting while slowly the creamy chocolate also releases its flavor.

Ingredients: cocoa, cane sugar, cocoa butter, dried cherry (2%), black cherry extract (<1%).

Allergy note from the makers: May contain traces of gluten, nuts and milk.

Made in Scotland by Ocelot Chocolate – they use Original Beans cocoa and couverture to make a series of delicious flavor chocolates.

This chocolate is ideal for those who love:

A piece of cherry pie at the visit
Climbing the cherry tree in the garden
Cherries in general
Cherry flavor combined with dark chocolate
If we are not mistaken, the cocoa used can be no different from the Original Beans Virunga – a cocoa with a deep powerful taste and hints of cherries anyway. This makes the combination extra fun because you now get an almost overwhelming deep cherry experience.


Ocelot Chocolate

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