Ocelot – Blood Orange

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70% dark chocolate with blood orange.

The blood orange oil adds a nice sweet and sour taste experience to the earthy dark chocolate.

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Deliciously soft melting dark chocolate with sweet and sour blood orange and a pinch of vanilla.

Because chocolate and moisture do not go well together, you cannot just add an orange, which is why it is made from oil. So the taste comes from thickened blood orange oil. Gives a strong orange experience, but also including the skin. Where in dishes more often adding the zest / zest works well for a full flavor, it certainly works here. The chocolate has a strong earthy taste and the orange tones are very nice, with not only a fruity sweet experience but also the combination with the acid and somewhat bitter of the sixt, which makes it more beautiful in this case, we think – at the first taste.

Ingredients: cocoa mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter, blood orange oil (<1%), vanilla extract.

Allergy note: May contain traces of gluten, milk and nuts.

Made in Scotland by Ocelot Chocolate – they work with cocoa nibs and couverture from Original Beans


Ocelot Chocolate

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