Fossa – Cascara Coffee Berry Chocolate


Chocolate made with cascara, the skin of the coffee berry.

Another exciting creation from Fossa!

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Hoezee, again something very special. Now we already sell, if we say so ourselves, special chocolate. And someone will not easily deny that, so we dare to stand for that too. But what the chocolate makers of Fossa are all up to (in a positive sense) can be called extra special. Certainly also in collaborations they know how to bring together all kinds of beautiful combinations, which resulted in their entire range and different tea bars, one Honcha even more special than the other.

This time, collaboration was sought with coffee makers, PPP coffee. Coffee roasters, in Singapore, and fun – they even sell good chocolates, for example from Marou.

Fossa collaborates with them in this chocolate made with cascara. This is the rind of the coffee cherry, which is usually discarded after washing and drying. But certainly tasty, and very nice that they make a chocolate with this. We also tasted a version on Chocoa, by a maker from Ecuador, which was even more fruity but also very dark and intense. As we know Fossa, they do it again here, a bit more subtle, more refined.

Don’t expect a full chocolate flavor, and certainly no coffee flavor. The chocolate flavor is subtle – with cocoa butter as the main ingredient – but the taste of the cascara comes through very well, so if you want to taste it, this is a nice (and special) opportunity.

Chocolate seller Emma describes it as a taste experience with many phases, including lychee-like taste notes. It’s interesting anyway, whether she really likes it is a second, maybe just not.

Description of the makers:

Cascara, meaning ‘husks’ in Spanish, is the rind of the coffee cherry, which is usually discarded after the cherries have been washed and dried. The cascara is also a way to recycle leftover coffee pulp to create the base for a unique and refreshing tea.

Enjoy the delicate floral and fruity flavors of this cascara chocolate made in collaboration with PPP Coffee. ”

Ingredients: cocoa butter, cane sugar, cocoa, cascara

Taste notes as described by the makers: hibiscus, raisins, honey sweetness

Allergy note: made in a place where nuts and milk are also processed.



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