Friis Holm

Exclusieve bars by the Danish chocolatemaking master Friis Holm. Made in Denmark.

Mikkel Friis Holm has worked as a chef for a long time. He met the chocolatemakers of Scharffenberger chocolate in California and therehis chocolate mission started.
He makes his bars based on special ‘micro-batch’ cocoa of specific nature and from very specific places.

Before he has coöperated in making bars with the famous French chocolatemakers of Bonnat but in 2016 he started making his own bars ‘from bean to bar’ in Denmark. From the start it has been excellent quality chocolate. Very good melt, very special taste.

The cocoa that is used is often from Ingemann Cacao Fino from Nicaragua.

Won a lot of international chocolate awards, and now that he is making the chocolate himself he has been awarded with tons of medals at the International Chocolate Awards. It’s not the most important feature of the chocolate, how many medals it has won, but…well…taste for yourself.

You can read more at the website of Friis Holm.

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