Fu Wan #10 Ping Tung Dark Milk 53%


A deliciously creamy dark milk chocolate with a nice taste balance.

Fu Wan notes as flavor notes apple, raisins, toffee, nuts, vanilla.

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The latest creation from Fu Wan: a dark milk chocolate made from the famous cocoa from the Ping Tung region. Grown there, and also made into chocolate there. ‘Tree to bar’ as they call it.

Fu Wan already stole many hearts with their Ping Tung # 1 chocolate. Including that of the jury of the International Chocolate Awards that awarded the chocolate the best in the world at the world final. Not bad.

Of course, tastes differ, but we also believe that we are dealing with something special. Cocoa grown in Taiwan and made into chocolate there, not just like that, but with care and attention. This resulted in various exciting combinations. From double fermented chocolate, a chocolate with black sugar and of course a number of beautiful creations with local specialties: from smoked tea to magoa wild pepper. In short: we are happy with Fu Wan. And we are certainly pleased with the amount of attention among chocolate lovers. Whether it’s because of the awards or because people like to taste chocolate from Taiwan, or a combination of all kinds of different reasons, we find that Fu Wan chocolates are disappearing quickly every time.

Fu Wan # 10: special dark milk chocolate
Fu Wan numbers the creations. This is number # 10. The chocolates with additives such as tea, pepper or coffee are not included in the count, they really are the ‘ordinary’ or rather ‘extraordinary’ chocolates pure from cocoa.

After the chocolates with special fermentations, the award-winning 62% and 70% Ping Tung and even a 100% cocoa bar, Fu Wan now also comes with a milk chocolate. And of course – we could have predicted that – a dark milk chocolate. This mainly means that it contains more cocoa, in this case 53%. In comparison, the dark chocolates in the supermarket usually contain about 55% cocoa, and the milk chocolates much less (40% is already a lot).

In this way, the taste of the cocoa naturally comes to the fore, and an exciting interaction with the milk is created.

As flavor notes Fu Wan notes: apple, raisins, toffee, nuts, vanilla.

Of course, the flavor comes naturally from the cocoa, also thanks to the processing – first harvesting, fermenting and drying, then roasting and grinding at Fu Wan. You can taste the vanilla because some vanilla has been added specifically with this chocolate. A logical choice to combine and refine the whole in terms of taste. Of course real vanilla pods have been used. That costs something, but you can definitely taste the difference with vanilla aroma.

Important to know for less advanced chocolate lovers: if you quickly ‘work in’ this chocolate, you will not get the subtler taste notes. Then you think more quickly ‘what is special about this?’ even though you will undoubtedly agree that the taste is nicely balanced and the aftertaste pleasant. But you won’t get any further than ‘nice’ or ‘mwah is disappointing’.

If you want to experience something more, taste with a little more attention. Bite off a bit, let it melt more slowly, and you immediately get ten times as much of the different flavors that emerge from the chocolate.

Ingredients: cocoa beans, sugar, milk powder, cocoa butter, vanilla.

Allergy note: may contain traces of peanuts and nuts. Contains milk (lactose)

Made by Fu Wan Chocolate, Dapeng Rd. Donggang Township, Pingtung County 928, Taiwan (ROC)

Awards: Silver medal at the International Chocolate Awards 2019 World Final.


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