Fu Wan – Puur 70% with Kaoliang Liquor


Fu Wan 70% dark chocolate from cocoa from Taiwan. With Kaoliang Liquor. And that’s strong stuff!

Strong drink from Taiwan, made from fermented sorghum. Powerful flavors that go nicely with the powerful earthy cocoa.

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One of the nicest ‘extras’ of our work as Chocolate Vendors – in addition to tasting many of the best chocolates in the world – is that we get to know many flavors from far away that we would otherwise not easily encounter. It certainly helps that we also sell chocolates that are not made here, but very elsewhere. For example in the countries where cocoa also grows.

That certainly also applies to Fu Wan. Made entirely in Taiwan. The cocoa is grown there, and the chocolates are all made with the same cocoa. With great success, the 62% Ping Tung was crowned best dark chocolate in the world in 2019 at the International Chocolate Awards world final – not wrong. Now we don’t sell chocolates for how many awards they have but for what we think of them – and we are happy with Fu Wan for that too. Certainly not standard soft flavors. No lovely bars, but chocolates with a punch. Lots of earthy, dark flavors. Flavors that you sometimes really can’t identify. That you really have to taste a few times before you think, gosh that’s it. Sometimes tastes towards umami / savory. Sometimes very bushy, dark taste notes. Flavors that are sometimes reminiscent of soy, in the other bar of champagne. In short – different from many other makers, interesting, exciting, and tasty (but not ‘tasty’ by default)

We already had a lot of chocolates from them, now we have this chocolate bar with Koaliang Liquor. This is a strong drink (with sorghum as a base) with about 40-60% alcohol. Strong stuff. Strong flavors. We read a description from someone who described the Koaliang drink as “I would describe the flavor as having a strong core of black pepper, hints of toasted cereal, in a fiery liquid with a kerosene finish.” – however, we get from the makers of Fu Wan by “pure, mellow, refreshing taste”. It’s just a bit of what you might be used to.

So … in the chocolate it is not too bad in terms of intensity, but you can taste that you are dealing with strong stuff. Now the natural flavor notes in Fu Wan’s cocoa are also powerful, so you still get an interesting balance. But it is certainly not chocolate to serve with your coffee before the visit, more if you want to discover interesting flavor combinations – and your taste buds can take a beating.

Ingredients: cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter. kaoliang liquor.

Both the cocoa and the kaoliang liquor come from Taiwan. The cocoa from Ping Tung. tree to bar made by Fu Wan Chocolate, Dong-Gang Township, Ping-Tung County.

Allergy note from the makers: may contain traces of nuts and peanuts.

Award: silver at the International Chocolate Awards Asia semifinal.

Good to know: not a huge chocolate bar – namely 35 grams. So if you calculate per gram you can call it pricey. If you divide the price by the flavor intensity, it is a real bargain of course. The packaging is an extendable box containing a perfectly airtight plastic packaging, so that your chocolate can be kept for a long time.


Fu Wan

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  1. Felix

    Precies wat er op de verpakking staat: pure chocolade met een sterke alcohol kick.
    Wat me verbaasde was dat het echt precies als Kaoliang smaakt, maar het overheerst gelukkig niet. Het is lekker langzaam smeltende chocolade en de Kaoliang/alcohol smaak zit hem vooral in de nasmaak die nog op de tong blijft hangen.

    Als je niet van sterke alcohol (denk vodka) houdt, is deze niet voor jou, maar als dat wel je ding is kan ik deze Kaoliang chocolade zeker aanraden!

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