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There is the traditional subdivision between ‘bulk cocoa’ and ‘fine flavor’ cocoa, the first being from (West) Africa, grown under poor conditions, with no regard for flavor when grown. Pure bulk, as much volume as possible. And the rest … is about taste and deliciousness.

That is of course a bit too simple, because you can grow good cocoa in Africa. With care, with attention, and with a fair price. And the latter is a bit crucial, attention to quality must go hand in hand with a higher price for the cocoa farmer. Because it is disastrous for the situation there, the abuses. And that is largely due to the fact that the large chocolate companies only hammered for more and more production for years, as if that helped the farmers out of trouble (surprise: the price collapsed. So more cocoa for a lower price for the chocolate companies .. so they mainly helped themselves). A living income for cocoa farmers is really not too much to ask for, and unfortunately it is almost always lacking. So … please pay a living price right now. And then the price can go up further for well-fermented cocoa with a special taste. Because that is also possible there. Anyway, long story short: especially buy craft chocolate, and it’s great that craft chocolate makers also work with cocoa from Africa. And so hopefully push the big companies from the outside (like Tony’s tries to do from the inside) in the right direction. Like a kind of small pilot boat. And yes, then we believe more from the outside than changing the sector from the inside. Because unfortunately … little has come of that in 2020. Yes, the small chocolate makers have nice direct lines with cocoa farmers, really pay significantly more, but it remains marginal in terms of numbers. Not bad, because on a small scale you can just do the right thing, and you don’t have to save the whole world in 1x, but it would be better if the attention grew further. So!

The cocoa from this bar comes from Kuapo Kokoo. And so from Ghana. This is not to say that this bar is an example of the above way to improve the world with fairer & better chocolate. We didn’t ask Georgia Ramon what he pays for the cocoa, and how he gets it. But we especially recommend that you do it yourself. Send the maker an email, take a look at the Kuapo Kokoo site, read a book or article about fair chocolate. And then a bar like this can be a great start to spark your interest in really fair chocolate. This bar is made from fair trade cocoa. Is it fair then? Yes? No? Why or not? By asking (and continuing to ask) such questions you can quickly learn a lot. And yes, it gets complicated at first.

The packaging calls the flavor description thus:

Spices (coffee), jam and nuts.

Ingredients: cocoa, cane sugar, cocoa butter.

Allergy note from the maker: may contain traces of nuts and milk.


Georgia Ramon

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