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Is it an exiting chocolate or is there perhaps too much to taste?

An intriguing 75% Philippines chocolate.

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An exciting chocolate, or perhaps a tricky one?

In any case, the fact is that you go in many different directions during the tasting. We already tasted that with the first piece in our mouth. From a little roasted taste tones to a brief revival of fruity acid and then a completely different taste reduction.1

The packaging also shows this and mentions the taste description as follows:

Caramel, tropical fruit, spices, floral tones.

Yes, that seems pretty accurate to us. Maybe there is a little less harmony of flavors slowly forming in the mounth, rather a chocolate that you send in all directions in a short time. We have associations with a busy shopping street, with here and there a stall full of fruit and then flowers again, you can immediately smell the potting soil of the hyacinths, then again another food stall. Busy busy busy. Anyway … that was just our first impression. The fair also emerged as an association, but after reading a book (we have just lost the name and writer) about a rather dark fair full of supernatural events. Perhaps also because of the dark / somewhat bitter that is in it. If we still find the book (and think about it) perhaps we can expand our association.

The coconut blossom sugar will do a lot in this, not exactly a ‘neutral’  tasting sugar such as cane sugar. A bit more inluence on the end taste, our own associations were in this case not entirely positive, but also not directly all that negative either.

For now we are certainly curious what you will experience. Maybe you think it’s a very boring chocolate, you don’t taste that much in it. Or are you very enthusiastic. We always like to hear it, and you can just leave your review here at the bar!

The origin of the cocoa is Kablon Farm, read more about it here, for example.

Ingredients: cocoa, coconut blossom sugar, cocoa butter.

Allergy note of the maker: may contain traces of nuts and milk.


Georgia Ramon

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