Heinde & Verre – Aged Noble Bali 71%


One to two years matured (aged) chocolate from cocoa from Bali.

Dark 71% chocolate

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Dark chocolate from cocoa from Bali. In addition, the makers of Heinde & Verre allow the chocolate to ripen to allow the taste to develop further.

This ‘ripening’ or ‘aging’ of chocolate happens more often, but usually it takes a few weeks. The taste notes in the cocoa become slightly milder and more complex over time.

With this chocolae, this process has gone a lot further, the chocolate is matured for up to two years. The chocolate from the different stages is then combined to obtain – so to speak – a blend of ‘young’, ‘matured’ and ‘old’ chocolate (as with cheese) to form a fine complex whole.

Taste description of the makers: Deep but mild chocolate with aromas of flowers, characteristic taste impressions of dried grapes, rustic notes of sandalwood and the typical deep Indonesian chocolate taste.

Ingredients: cocoa and cocoa butter (71%), sunflower lecithin.

The cocoa comes from Bali, the makers say about the origin: “Located in the Tabanan region of Bali, a small farmers collective of about 10 farmers cultivates the beans for the Noble Bali chocolate. Bali is an interesting island within the Indonesian archipelago when it comes to rain. On average, the island is somewhat drier compared to other islands, making it suitable for drying cocoa beans in the sun.

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