Heinde & Verre – Noble Bali Vegan Milk 55%


Vegan ‘milk chocolate’ from Heinde & Verre.

With cocoa from Bali and a proprietary blend of 6 natural ingredients to match the taste & texture of milk.

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A milk chocolate without (cow) milk. Mylk, as they call it.

There are more makers who make nice attempts. With almond, with soy or with coconut for example.

At Heinde & Verre they themselves like the taste of milk and that encouraged them to go a few extra steps for vegan milk chocolate.

It has been decided not to just work with one alternative milk as usual, but to try with a sophisticated balance in everything to make an approximation of the taste and texture of milk and to ensure that even those who are vegan or lactose intolerant really do not have to do anything. to miss.

To judge whether that is the case, you really have to taste it yourself – but we already give a positive ‘voting advice’. The taste of chocolate with soy, for example, takes some getting used to – because soy has a fairly strong taste and if you are not used to it, it is completely intense. Coconut also has its fans, but also people who say ‘mwah’. We even think almond is the most successful addition to vegan chocolate (and cheese), but we also like what Heinde & Verre does here, with a mix of no less than seven (natural) extras that create a tasty whole.

They say about it themselves: “This is no ordinary vegan mylk chocolate. Heinde & Verre has developed its own vegan milk alternative to create a unique rich and creamy chocolate bar: Vegan Noble Bali. It sheds new light on the typical Indonesian chocolate taste that is present in our delicious Bali cocoa. There are notes of spices, fruit, flowers, caramel and coconut. Based on a blend of all natural ingredients it is not only a great – uncompromising – milk alternative, it is also free from nuts, , lactose and soy.

Tasting Notes: Notes of spices, white fruits, flowers, caramel and coconut can be discovered. ”

Made with Dutch beet sugar – conscious choice, also for the taste, and cocoa from Bali. Heinde & Verre allows the cocoa to ripen for a long time before tempering, and this has a significant effect on the taste.

Ingredients: cocoa and cocoa butter, sugar. oats, coconut, banana, rice, calcium, sunflower lecithin, salt.

Allergy Note: Free from nuts, lactose, soy and gluten.


Heinde & Verre

Mooie naam voor een mooi bedrijf. Craft chocolademakers uit Rotterdam.Jan-Willem & Ewald maken daar sinds een aantal jaar kleinschalig chocolades. Dat doen ze merkbaar met veel zorg en aandacht. En dat vonden we al langer heel mooi om te zien en proeven.Je merkt dat bij Heinde & Verre er veel aan gedaan wordt om bijzondere smaaktonen uit de cacao te halen. Met aandacht voor het branden, blenden van origines, het laten rusten / rijpen van de chocolade voor meer smaakontwikkeling. Ook merk je de aandacht in bijvoorbeeld de melkchocolades. Er wordt niet zomaar willekeurige melkpoeder toegevoegd maar met serieuze blik geproefd en gekeurd en gemengd totdat ze, zo stellen we ons dat voor, een grote glimlach verschijnt, ze elkaar op de schouders kloppen, en zeggen: niets meer aan doen.

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