Hogarth Maple & Walnut


Irresistible white chocolate with pieces of walnut & maple syrup.

As far as we are concerned … dangerously tasty. On before you realize it.

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We already had high expectations for this creation from Hogarth. But if they are also surpassed. Then we can only say … this is tasty, very tasty.

A white chocolate, but with a considerable amount of walnut and maple. We are not very religious, otherwise we might even describe the taste as divine. A bar that you will find it hard to keep from, but at least for us it was true: enjoy every piece very much.

And that while we actually prefer pure chocolate. And the sweetness of a lot of white chocolate is hard to handle. But in this case it is different. Wonderfully sweet, yet powerfully balanced thanks to the walnuts & maple.

Hogarth also says:

“Maple and Walnut, the irresistible classic, is a marriage of sweet and nutty.
Here we made a maple flavored white chocolate loaded with pieces of walnut, unashamedly sweet and healthy with a soft crunch.
All our chocolate is made ethically with reasonably traded and traceable cocoa beans, organic and fair trade cocoa butter and sugar. ”

Ingredients: cane sugar, cocoa butter (34%), milk powder, pieces of walnut, maple oil, real vanilla.



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70 gram

Chocolate made in

New Zealand


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