Krak 70% Embargo Chocolate


Necessarily completely different. A chocolate from cocoa from a country and region that we do not reveal.

Intriguing taste experience, which certainly also contains ash in the taste description as far as we are concerned. Or at least a cigar.

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We cannot tell you from which region or region the cocoa comes from. That is a small secret that we unfortunately have to have for a while.

The maker, Krak, made this bar with cocoa from a certain region. You will see that when you buy it.

The only bad thing is that we offer payment methods from certain countries, one of which has a blockage on all trade with various other countries. For a long time, and many other countries have been against it, there has been a lot of protest up to the highest organs. We are absolutely opposed to this in this case. Especially because it means that we have had to remove a number of chocolates from our webshop. We no longer sell those, from cocoa from that blocked country. We can sell them, but only if we do not use that payment method (s). And we like to do that, in protest we prefer to boycott those payment methods, but unfortunately that is currently not yet possible. So that’s why this time.

Let’s just say that for now, the cocoa comes from an unknown source. As is almost always the case with chocolate – in the supermarket – we now also do not reveal where the cocoa comes from. But now for other reasons, not because we don’t know. We like to sell this chocolate, and so on. And then let us say for a moment that Mark Schimmel – maker of the Krak Chocolades – has entered the world market and conjured cocoa from somewhere. This is how we turn it into a surprise chocolate. Also nice right?

And you will understand if you know Krak that this is also high-quality origin chocolate from good cocoa.

Taste description: We find it difficult to capture in a few words – so we just describe it loose-handed with a bar in hand and step by step: after a little springy (yellow) acidity, a taste experience comes that we consider ‘dry’ and woody, perhaps a bit vegetal and malty – although it is also about the mouthfeel / astringence. We think of a green and light brown color. Furthermore association with mocha / cream. As the chocolate melts further away, more warm flavors are released, leaving an experience in the mouth & nose that is pleasantly sweet. The additional strong effects / taste is like having just smoked or lying down a cigar or cigarette – a strong association with cigarette ash, although it is as unpleasant as it sounds. Chocolate seller Emma also has less of an association. That slowly subsides and a rich warm taste remains. As if you just enjoyed a glass of rum, maybe with some smoking. Just coughing. And sit back in your deep chair. And dream away. It is special that a chocolate can evoke all that, with only cocoa and some sugar.

Ingredients: cocoa embargo, cane sugar, cocoa butter.

Free from nuts, gluten, soy and milk.

If you have received the chocolate, we recommend that you search on this country and the embargo to read about it. A bit of history, and also something to think about, the impact of laws and measures from one country to another. And you can think of some of that. We know how it goes … these kinds of measures do not so much affect the people at the top.

And of course we are curious what you taste in this chocolate! If you leave a review, you will not lose where the cocoa comes from.



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