Krakakoa – Giftset – 3 Dark Origin Chocolates


3 Pure origin chocolates made entirely in Indonesia.

Contains: 85% of cacao from Bali, 75% from cacao from Sulawesi, 70% from cacao from Sumatra.

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nice gift box with 3 pure origin chocolates. All three completely made chocolate by Krakakoa in Indonesia. The cocoa also comes entirely from different parts of the Indonesian archipelago.


85% Bali
75% Sulawesi
70% Sumatra
Three beautiful pure chocolates of increasing percentage that offer a nice introduction to cocoa from Indonesia, and of course are very nice to compare with each other.

A nice gift for all who embark on the adventure that better chocolate can offer. All those wonderful flavors that come purely from the cocoa step by step and discover bite by bite. We love doing it, and so do our customers.

So also very suitable for everyone to order, if you find it difficult to choose. Nice packaging, and on the back also beautiful with drawings the 10 steps from cocoa farmer to chocolate bar. That way, you automatically get intrigued and you want to know more about the story behind your chocolate. And look for the Krakakoa website. See where exactly the cocoa farmers live who have planted the cocoa trees. Read how cocoa is harvested. See your photos of the people ‘there’. And you read their stories. And before you know it, what was previously ‘there’ far away has come a lot closer. What a piece of chocolate cannot do.

And oh … if you just want to enjoy a good time you can. Do promise not to treat it as chocolate-swallow-away chocolate. Just smell, look, taste, melt on the tongue. The cocoa farmers worked hard for it, and then the chocolate makers. We pack the bars with love at almost the end of the ‘ride’. Then we would love to see it be tasted with love & attention. Fortunately that always works out fine. Certainly with these fine dark chocolates in such a beautiful gift box, the tendency to eat greedily soon disappeared, and you will mainly taste to enjoy it, block by block.

The single origin series is the crown jewel of the Krakakoa collection: a limited edition batch of pure chocolate bars that come from a specific cocoa estate in the Indonesian archipelago. Immerse yourself in the unique flavors of this sustainably grown farmer-to-bar chocolate. Made with passion and a purpose. “

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