Morin – Dominican Republic Yamasa 100%


100% chocolate from organic cocoa from the Dominican Republic

Taste note from the maker: cocoa, dried fruit, malt

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100% chocolate from organic cocoa from the Dominican Republic. Made into chocolate by A. Morin bean to bar chocolate maker from France.

Taste note: This cocoa, grown in the northwest of the country, is very cocoa-rich and has aromas of dry and sharp fruit, followed by malt.

Ingredients: cocoa beans (organic)

Allergy note of the maker: may contain traces of milk, nuts and sesame.

Morin also gives a nice general advice on the 100% bars:

“What you have in your hands is the essence of cocoa, the direct result of the combination of the terroir of the cocoa trees and the work of the cocoa farmers. To fully appreciate this 100% cocoa chocolate, we advise you to be as patient as possible. Let a little piece melt in the mouth to make all flavors come out “

Morin also says about this specific cocoa:

“The cocoa beans are harvested fresh, with the pulp, on the farms. They are then fermented and dried in an organization. The cultivation of cocoa is organic and offers a better salary to the farmers, who until then had difficulty keeping their cocoa. This activity contributes to job creation in areas previously affected by rural exodus, providing planters with training and advice from agronomists, an advance to finance their production and harvest costs. and the financing of the organic label. “


A. Morin

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