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Dark chocolate made of 100% cocoa from white Porcelana cocoa beans from Venezuela.

The taste
“This cocoa of white porcelana beans from the Sur de Lago de Maracaibo region is spicy and has a strong cocoa character, also fruity, dried fruit & almonds and floral with notes of jasmine.” Morin says so himself on the packaging.

Furthermore, they also write: “The aforementioned aromas come from our own experience of the chocolate and do not have to dominate your own taste experience” – in other words: discover for yourself what this bar brings to you.

Contains: cocoa beans. (and nothing else)

Allergy note from the maker: may contain traces of milk, nuts and sesame.

About the maker: Morin
In Donzère – Southern France, the Provence (about fifty kilometers above Avignon) the company has been making chocolate since 1884 and since 1958 it has really been a grain to a bar. Father André started here and gave the name to the company (officially ‘A Morin’), nowadays son Franck is in charge.

A beautiful rich tradition, a real family business and a rich assortment of single origine chocolates.

And let’s also come to the opinion of Georg Bernardini from ‘Chocolate – the reference standard’: “For me Franck Morin has reached the highest level and has arrived in the Champions League with his chocolates”

See also an interesting interview from 2012 at the Salon de Chocolat in Paris with Franck Morin or visit the website.


A. Morin

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Johe chocolate. Special soft melting bar from the exclusive Danish chocolate maker Friis Holm.

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