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With this Naive – Peanut butter chocolate we have to say something first: Chocoladeverkopre Paul has a kind of peanut butter trauma.

As a child when visiting a friend he always had to eat a ‘healthy sandwhich’ before he could have one with chocolate sprinkles. And yes, that meant… a sandwhich with peanut butter..which he, at that time, thought was truly despecible and really ate with a lot of dislike. And stilll he doesn’t eat peanut butter, even though he does eat peanuts and likes the taste.

That’s why it has a !?! behind the name. Just so you know.And also so you know that he actually likes this bar. Yes, it’s called ‘peanut butter’ but it’s a creamy chocolate bar with peanuts, so it certainly is different.

The other Chocoladeverkoper, Emma, calls this bar, the luxury edition of peanut brittle. And loves the bar.

Ah well, long story short, a nice bar! Naïve says something about it as well:

his peanut butter chocolate is made by the devil himself. The chocolate is mixed with the devil’s horn and is so tempting that the recipe was included in the list of the biggest sins in the world. For almost four days, the peanut butter is churned and whipped by virgins and on the fifth day Lucifer joins the chocolate-making process. The divine tears of virgin girls are mixed together with the flames of inferno and from this act of deflowering the peanut butter chocolate bar is born. So damn good…

Ingrediënts: cocoa butter, sugar, cocoa, milk powder, peanuts, seasalt.

Allergy notice by the maker: can contain traces of nuts and sesame.



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55 grams

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