Naive Rough Ground


75% – cocoa from Bolivia. Super Dark. Rough Ground.

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Extra dark, and organic. A beautifully beautiful bar of Naive. As you can see in the ingredient list … an ‘ordinary’ chocolate without additives. No ambrosia, no kefir, no pepper. Just chocolate. And yet again very nice. 75% cocoa. ‘Extra pure’. From 2019 it’s called ‘rough ground’

The maker says further about:

Subtropical nights are so dark! Since you do not see anything at all, your other senses are put in focus: you hear better, and smell more intense. A midnight orchestra of birds, insects and animals greets the darkness with her high tunes. Listen carefully how the cacophony turns into the best melody you ever heard. Inhale so that you smell the aromas of all exotic flowers and plants. Test. The flavors of the jungle let you understand the night.

Ingredients: cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter. Biological.

Allergy note of the maker: may contain traces of milk and / or nuts.

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55 grams

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