Hogarth Porcelana 68%


Karl Hogarth put a lot of effort into getting a small amount of Porcelana cocoa from Venezuela. He made this special chocolate out of it. Let it mature for another year for extra refinement. And now … you can taste!

Soft, refined chocolate with delicate floral flavors.

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Karl Hogarth brought a number of bags of Porcelana cocoa from Venezuela and made it into chocolate.

Prepared with care, after lightly toasting and grinding the chocolate has matured for another year. For even less bitter & sour, and more refinement.

Hogarth says about it: really a special cocoa that you have to experience at least once.

The cocoa grows in Sorotaima, to the south of Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela. Porcelana is known as one of the most refined (and rarest) cocoa in the world. Given the political situation in Venezuela, cocoa exports have been very poor in recent years, while the most fantastic cocoa comes from.

Of course, the personal dramas definitely do not outweigh whether or not we can enjoy the best cocoa, yet it is nice for everyone, Venezuelans and the rest of the world, if there are some of this rare (and well-paid) cocoa the werel12.d is about. In addition to many other things, one can really be proud in Venezuela with their special cocoa varieties and their maintenance and distribution.

Ingredients: cocoa 68%, cane sugar, cocoa butter.

Allergy note: may contain traces of milk and nuts. Vegan.

Made in Nelson, New Zealand.

Hogarth further says: ”

When the Spanish first found these prized beans, they called them “Porcelana” (porcelain) because of the pure white color of the bean when they were freshly cut open. Porcelana is only found in remote places in the south of Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela, with these beans from Sorotaima. It is a criollo, which in itself is a rare cocoa family that is not grown on a large scale because of its brittleness and low yield, and under the criollo is the Porcelana, the rarest of the rare.

The farm where we bought this cocoa only produces around 400 kg per year. The cocoa is grown at an altitude of 645 meters with coffee and guava nearby. We managed to buy two precious bags that flew in from Miami to Nelson. After the testing was completed, we all made a 68% chocolate, which was stored and matured for 12 months. The long-term aging has reduced all bitterness and acidity to zero and has given us a delicate delicate chocolate that is slightly floral and fruity, slightly spicy and minty.

Truly a special chocolate that must be experienced at least once, and with a clean palate, so that you can appreciate the subtlety of this exceptional cocoa. We have made around 1200 bars, so it is strictly a limited edition. “



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