Raaka – Blue Magic – Blue Chocolate (Vegan)


Vegan blue (!) chocolate from Raaka.

We have exactly 8 copies, and then they are gone. Don’t buy if you don’t like adventurous flavours. Well, if you want to taste a chocolate that is light blue in color and made with, among other things. coconut, lemon and Greek mountain tea.

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There are ‘limited’ chocolates, which are often still available in hundreds or thousands, and which you can easily acquire and be made over and over again every year. Raaka doesn’t care about that, they make a few, and then they’re gone. At least for this ‘Blue Magic’ chocolate – 1600 of them were made and they are numbered and well.

They have previously been offered in the subscriptions that Raaka (in the USA) offers – where they – often with a theme – present a number of extra special creations. Sometimes in collaboration with other companies, sometimes on their own – often the chocolates are really a bit more daring than the (already exciting) range of these Brooklyn makers.

With this chocolate we can definitely speak of a daring, even eccentric, creation: the Blue Magic is a vegan white chocolate. Officially according to the definitions.

But it is (light) blue in color. This is because spirulina has been added. For the taste also Greek mountain tea and lemon peel and coconut. The chocolate is made in collaboration with Goldthread Tonics.

We have also offered this chocolate to a selected group in our chocolate subscription. One was delighted, the other didn’t like it. In any case, we can say that this is a chocolate for those who are not afraid of an adventurous taste. And of course for those who dare to eat a blue chocolate. The coconut, lemon and tea also come through nicely. You either love it or you loathe it, there is no guarantee which one it will be, but that you think afterwards…gosh, now I have tasted something special, that’s for sure.

We managed to keep exactly one box separate. Of which we, of course, also nibbled on a bar. When they’re gone, they’re gone.

Ingredients; cocoa butter, cane sugar, coconut, lemon powder, cassava flour, blue spirulina, sunflower lecithin, greek mountain tea, lemon peel.

The cocoa (butter) comes from San Martin, Peru. 40% cocoa. The chocolate is vegan.



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50 grams

Dieet of Levenswijze

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