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Bread brown white chocolate. Breadcrumbs, salt & chocolate. Divine candy!

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We will not say too much with this bar, except that it is a limited edition of Pump Street Bakery. That the bar is called ‘Brown Bread’ – yes, brown bread.

That it is a white chocolate with bread crumbs & salt. And that the result is amazing!

There is a lot of bread in it, also quite a bit of salt. The bar is no longer white, but a beautiful brown bread color. The taste … crunchy, deliciously sweet with the salt.

The bakers of Pump Street Bakery make – the name says it a bit – beautiful breads and other bakery products but at the same time they are chocolate makers – and not the least! From Suffolk they make special chocolates, they make cocoa butter from the cocoa themselves and they manage to come up with high quality chocolate time after time.

In the standard ‘range’ of chocolates, chocolates with sourdough & rye

In addition, the baking chocolate makers produce a quantity of limited chocolates in which they can indulge themselves extra. Sometimes it is about special cocoa origins such as Solomon Islands, but in this case a white chocolate with bread.

Tasting notes from the makers: our latest expedition in the field of ‘bakery bars’ – a firm, malty amalgam of pieces of bread and sweet toffee like white chocolate.

Ingredients: cocoa butter, cane sugar, milk powder, bread crumbs, cocoa powder & salt.

Allergy note of the maker: Contains wheat, milk. Made in a bakery where milk, gluten and nuts are processed.

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United Kingdom


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