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White origin chocolate from cocoa butter from Madagascar

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Chocolate consists of cocoa. And cocoa can be separated into cocoa powder and cocoa butter.

With most chocolate from the supermarket, the chocolate is also separated and re-joined. At bean to bar chocolates mostly not. There they simply grind the cocoa as it is.

Only … for most makers (except for Dandelion, for example), you still want to add a little extra cocoa butter to make the bar melt a bit more perfectly / easier.

Also because one cocoa naturally contains a lot of fat and the other less. So … usually some extra cocoa butter is added, sometimes a lot more – think of the somewhat buttery French chocolates of, for example, Pralus.

In the case of dark chocolate, loose cocoa butter is often added, and it is no secret to advanced chocolate lovers that this is usually less special cocoa. So it is that with your very special single-estate chocolate from Venezuela there is a bit of cocoa (cocoa butter) that comes not from Venezuela, but from a more general wholesale.

There are also exceptions to this. Areté is a chocolate maker who always adds cocoa butter from the same cocoa beans where the rest of the bar is made. And Pump Street Bakery also squeezes cocoa butter itself.

And so we come to this bar after this instructive story. A white chocolate. Everything that is in cocoa is cocoa butter. And the beautiful … all this cocoa butter is squeezed by Pump Street Bakery of specific cocoa beans from Madagascar.

No bigs bags of ready made cocoa from a wholesaler, this is very specific.

Cocoa beans from the 2016 harvest of Bertil Akesson’s Ambanja Estate in Madagascar.

The taste: creamy white chocolate with subtle taste notes of fruit and vanilla.

Ingredients: cocoa butter, cane sugar, milk powder.

May contain traces of milk, gluten, nuts and peanuts.

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