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“Forget everything you think about 100% chocolates. This dark cocoa bar is creamy and clear in taste. Not bitter, with a subtle, tingling fruity sweetness.

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We already knew that fine cocoa with a clear taste comes from Tanzania. It’s great that makers are also discovering that you can also make excellent 100% chocolates with this. Like this one by Raaka. Later this year, the interpretation of Fossa from Singapore will follow, which is fun to compare.

For now it is good to see what Raaka does with this cocoa. They don’t roast so their job is ‘just’ in grinding and adding some cocoa butter. In short, we can speak of a minimalist chocolate. A great copy for those who want to get to know 100% chocolate, we are very curious about your reactions. So if you’ve ordered it, feel free to leave your opinion under reviews!

Taste Note: Soft, fruity and slightly nutty; clear not bitter.

Ingredients: cocoa, cocoa butter.

Organic, direct trade, unroasted, and of course vegan and gluten free.

Would you like to read more about the cocoa cooperative Kakoa Kamili? Raaka has made a nice page. With all kinds of information, including the exact price they pay for the cocoa, and beautiful photos. Heartily recommended. More background also on the website of Kakoa Kamili itself.



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