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Rózsavölgyi has made something special with this chocolate bar. Whether it was done before? We do not know exactly – but it could well be unique – and otherwise almost.

Cocoa starts on a tree. The cocoa fruit. It is harvested, the kernels are extracted from the cocoa pulp (pulp) and the kernels / pods are dried and processed. Then they are stripped of their hard shell after roasting and you leave the cacao rib. You feed that and a little later … chocolate. Oh yes, and the skins – they are often used as compost.

But what if you do not take the shell off? And also processed the cocoa pulp?

Well then you get this … Chocolate made from cocoa + cocoa shell + fruit pulp!

Certainly not customary – tea is sometimes brewed here and there – but it’s hard stuff, you’re not going to make chocolate out of that? Anyway, Rózsavölgyi did. From organic (and washed) cocoa. Including peeling.

This means more minerals, more fibers – especially not specifically for health reasons – we trust Rózsavölgyi that they will test well that the chocolate meets all requirements, but as you know, not all minerals are always healthy – at least not in larger quantities. And even of all good minerals you only get a little bit more inside, but we do not want it to grow into a health trend after ‘raw’.

Why do you take this bar … because it is super cool that Rózsavölgyi makes a bar of cocoa with skin. Because it tastes differently, we have to get used to it – especially in the aftertaste the idea of ​​the peel remains for us. Whether we really like it …? But … certainly a nice chocolate in everything, even if only to try – and we are big advocates of these attempts to explore and extend the boundaries of chocolate.

Are you a chocolate lover who has tried everything and is looking for something new?

Then this could be a nice bar for you.

Are you less familiar with good chocolates and do you especially want to enjoy?

Then we would advise to try another nice fruity Madagskar chocolate … Or a different origin – we are happy to give advice. Then there is a little more chance that you will really enjoy yourself. And that’s what we do it for.

Ingredients: cocoa beans with peel, cane sugar, cocoa butter. Cocoa 72%.

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