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70% Kablon Philippines. Slightly spicy & banana in taste. Won 2 stars at Great Taste, bronze at Academy of Chocolate.

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From the Kablon Estate in the Philippines. More precisely in Tupi, south Cotabato.

A pure chocolate with – as the makers describe Solkiki – a mild taste with a little astringent taste, also little bitter and notes of ginger, banana and biscuit.

In this batch also certainly a very clear coffee taste tones.

We were in good conditions to attend an introduction of the cocoa at Chocoa this year by Estela Duque. Originally from there, and, if we remember well, also a member of the family who manage the Kablon Farms, she knew a lot about the cocoa, and in particular the latest fermentation techniques that were used. A ‘normal’ harvest and then, together with fermentation specialist (Zoi Papalexandratou), developed different protocols, each of which gives specific tastes to the same harvest. We could of course also taste the cocoa on site, in five varieties. And there are various European makers who make chocolate from the cocoa from Kablon Farms. Dormouse is part of that, and so is Krak – but so is Solkiki. Nice, and fine and nice at the chocolate festival than both the people who are talking about the cocoa and the makers as well as the fermentation specialists. Short chains, know where your product comes from. And even, a little bit of … how it works, what flavor cocoa gives, and why. Also still a bit mysterious to us, but we already knew that fermentation (and drying) are essential to the taste of the cocoa. Add to that the branding and grinding of the chocolate maker and you can go in all directions with the harvest of one cocoa plantation. And then it is nice for us to hear the Estela about the vision of Kablon Farms and how they are working on developing, testing, and tuning protocols to what the chocolate makers want and don’t want, which of course is geared to the chocolate lovers who are finally allowed to taste it. All in all, especially to be part of it as chocolate sellers – and perhaps also for you as a chocolate customer.

We have to say, but know that this is very personal, the taste of this specific bar is not one of our own top favorites. We are going to try again soon and will be in good shape again. And also knows that we still find top chocolate and also appreciate the attention for quality cocoa from the Philippines. But then we will find the bars of Krak & Dormouse perhaps more accessible, for our taste then. Why exactly … then we have to taste them again next to each other. But you can also do that yourself. Simply order the 3 Philippines chocolates from Krak, Dormouse & Solkiki and a beautiful tasting will be created. As far as we know, all three with the same way fermented cocoa – the project to experiment with fermentation only started at the beginning of this year – Dormouse has released a small edition of this with 4 bars in 1, but not yet more widely available.

Oh yeah, let’s talk about the taste … so we will taste it again soon, you may of course also know that the chocolate was awarded at the Great Taste Awards – with two stars – and a bronze medal at the Academy of Chocolate.

Well … very story, if you want to continue reading … links. To the Kablon Farms website. And to their Facebook. And the Moulinet Chocolate site.

Ingredients: Kablon Trinitario cocoa beans, unrefined cane sugar, cold-pressed cocoa butter.

The ingredients are listed on the package as organic but the chocolate itself is not officially certified organic, or not certified organic with ingredients of unsprayed origin.

Allergy note: may contain traces of soy, nuts and gluten.

Energy values ​​stated on the packaging – per 100 grams: fat 35 grams of which saturated 21 grams, carbohydrates 39 grams of which sugars 32.2 grams, 515kcal, protein 14.4, sodium 181mg.



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