Standout – Bali Indonesia 70% Dark


70% pure origin chocolate from cocoa from Bali.

Flavor notes described by the maker: cloves, nutmeg, toasted bread

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70% dark origin chocolate made by Standout from Sweden from cocoa from Bali, Indonesia. The cocoa comes from the KSS Cooperative.

Standout describes the taste notes of the bar as: herbal – cloves, nutmeg, toasted bread.

As far as we’re concerned, a chocolate that when you let it melt first inserts a kind of pause moment in which you think ‘huh something is going to happen’ and then suddenly pours a whole torrent of flavors on you, which indeed absolutely in the spicy and (on a pleasant way) in a medicinal direction – say from spices as well as from more fresh herbs and an earthy sweetness like some honey. In the aftertaste it goes to an overwhelming creaminess and a classic chocolate taste as in chocolate milk with whipped cream, then comes a small spicy kick and finally the pleasantly warm aftertaste persists. Anyway, that’s how we experienced it, tasting behind the computer while we put the bar online – not ideal circumstances, but in any case again – as we are used to from Standout – a chocolate in which there is a lot to taste, and we think it does justice to (or bring out the best of) the used cocoa from Bali.

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, cane sugar.

Content 50 grams. Allergy Note: May contain traces of milk.


Standout Chocolate

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Cacao Origin


50 grams

Chocolate made in


Cacao percentage

70 %



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