The Other Bar – Dark


Dark chocolate with subtle addition of coffee & light crunchy cocoa nibs

Made entirely in Ecuador – With digital token with which you can support the cocoa farmers who were the basis for your bar extra. Radical equality – radically good quality

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The dark The Other Bar has 72% radically fair cocoa of radically good quality. That sounds better in English like on the packaging. Made entirely in Ecuador, and with a really fair price for the cocoa farmer.

A very tasty chocolate, also because it contains coffee and cocoa nibs that form a nice balance. Very tasty and also a good reminder that if you drink good coffee you can enjoy good & good quality chocolate.

More really honest chocolate
Years and years ago, chocolate has gone in the direction that we as Chocolate Sellers do not want. Continuing towards the candy shelf. More and more sugar. Becoming more uniform. Lower and lower prices. And less and less to do with what chocolate is all about … cocoa.

While chocolate is something so beautiful. With so many taste differences. Thanks to different types of cocoa. Thanks to the influence of seasons. Thanks to the place where it grows. Think of wine, think of apples. There are so many grapes, so many apples. That’s exactly the same with cocoa. Only by marketing the major chocolate brands have we completely lost that link. Selling as much chocolate as possible, and therefore the lowest possible price, is the basis for this movement. And the nasty thing is that we have also maintained the abuses in the cocoa industry together.

That is why we are so happy that the entire craft chocolate / bean to bar movement has emerged. No big factories but small makers, direct trade, a fair price. Chocolates with more and more diverse cocoa. Where you see the origin on the packaging. Where the makers like to tell you exactly what they have paid for the cocoa.

Radical Honesty & Digital tokens
The Other Bar fits nicely in here. Set up as an idea of ​​The Fairchain Lab, also the people behind Moyee coffee. You read everything about the mission when you open the bar. And you will find your digital token there. You can donate to the cocoa farmer who made your chocolate bar. Or you can keep it yourself to get a discount next time.

The taste
Special cocoa grows in Ecuador. The Arriba cacao often has fruity and floral flavors. Although we have to say that Ecuador is quite a big country and every region is different again. In fact, every cocoa plantation will bring its own characteristics. Does the cocoa grow between other fruit trees? Is the soil just a bit more acidic? Is it near the sea or further inland? How is the cocoa fermented and dried? It all affects the final taste.

This bar is not the most complex example from our range, but that is not the idea either. No very exotic taste tones. The surf seems a bit dark, so less subtle. The cocoa gives a taste and mouthfeel that we know from the Ecuadorian chocolate from Hoja Verde that we sold earlier, and the addition of coffee is typically present yet subtle enough not to dominate the chocolate. In short, a nice bar with which you can make a nice switch from the supermarket bars to purer & fairer.

Ingredients: cocoa, cane sugar, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin, cocoa nibs, roasted coffee.

Made entirely in Ecuador, from cocoa beans to packaged chocolate bar. 72% cocoa. 100 grams of chocolate.

Allergy note: may contain traces of peanuts, nuts, milk, soy.


The Other Bar

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Johe chocolate. Special soft melting bar from the exclusive Danish chocolate maker Friis Holm.


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