Zotter – Chocolate for White Wine


A white chocolate with pineapple & caramel couverture. Specially formulated to be enjoyed with white wine.

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hose who want to pair chocolate and wine must do their best to find the perfect combination. It is possible, but it comes rather narrowly because one thing will soon dominate the other. Especially with the tannins in wine it is a job that you need hours for. And sometimes you just say … no, this is not it.

The chocolate connoisseurs often disagree about whether chocolate and wine are a happy combination. Sometimes you come across people who are fiercely in favor, others are again enormously opposed and write to stick to sweeter wines. We know that the combinations can absolutely be made. But looking for very specific chocolates with very specific wines, and the taste tones, cocoa percentages and the type of wine, that all comes pretty close. In short, work for when you have a few hundred chocolates in stock and a good wine to hand. Yes, then we still occasionally like to try, taste and think after a while … this is it!

For those who don’t have the time (and mountains of chocolate), Zotter has something nice. One chocolate for red wine and another (this) for white wine. Fits well because it is not only chocolate, but also fruity flavor additions.

In this white chocolate a caramel couverture and a pineapple couverture have been added. And even a tiny bit of paprika powder, for a slightly tingling mouthfeel that matches the wine.

That should make the chocolate suitable for white wine in a broad sense. And we certainly think it’s a nice bar to open with white wine.

Zotter also says:

The perfect chocolate accompaniment for white wines. A fine white chocolate, combined with a little sweet caramel couverture and some pineapple couverture, a little white chocolate and, last but not least, a small pinch of bell pepper, which gives you a pleasant tingling feeling. This creation is the ideal chocolate partner for white wines and was specially developed for tasting chocolate and wine.

Ingredients: cocoa butter, cane sugar, whole milk powder, caramelized milk powder, skimmed milk powder, dried pineapple, paprika powder, soy licithin, vanilla powder, salt, lemon powder, cinnamon.

Allergy note of the makers: contains milk, soy. May contain traces of nuts, peanuts and sesame.



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2 reviews for Zotter – Chocolate for White Wine

  1. Anneke

    Uit nieuwsgierigheid gekocht, ik ben namelijk erg geïnteresseerd in chocolade pairings. Ik hou alleen niet zo van witte chocolade, dus de waardering is wat vertekend. Ik vond hem te zoet bij de wijnen die ik geprobeerd heb. Ik denk dat veel witte wijnen er wat zuur bij afsteken. Zonder wijn is hij beter te genieten.

  2. Casper

    Ik raad aan deze reep bij een dessert wijn te nemen, of als je echt niet van zoete wijn houd, vermijd dan zure witte wijnen.
    De reep zelf is oké, de caramel is wel te proeven maar ik merk niet veel van de ananas

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