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60% milkchocolate Nicaragua by Zotter

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Milkchocolate with 60% cocoa. So very dark for a milkchocolate – the ones you find in the supermarket usually have 30-35%

The cocoa is from Nicarugua.A single origin chocolate bar from the series ‘Labooko’ by Zotter. A whole series of chocolate bars from white and milk to very pure.

As always with Zotter certified organic and fair trade.

Zotter says further: “Wow, with around 60% cocoa in a milk chocolate – this is really something special: for chocolates with a high cocoa percentage it is important that high quality cocoa is used and with its 77 years Don Fransicsco has enough knowledge and wisdom to take care of it The cocoa is accompanied by a slight sweetness of the cane sugar.

An extensive review can be found at Seventypercent. From 2010, the bar can now certainly have changed somewhat.

Slightly shorter, but much more recent, is the review by Dame Cacao, she says about the taste “Some woodiness and then surprising fruit at the start, maybe banana, which continues as cocoa sweetness and a medium roast coffee to finish Moderately long finish One of the more impressive milks I have had, it comes with two bars, one to share and one to hide! “

Ingredients: Cocoa mass from Nicaragua, cane sugar, full of milk powder, cocoa butter, salt.

The milk comes from ‘Bio vom Berg’ organic farmers from Tyrol.

Allergy note: may contain traces of all types of nuts, peanuts, sesame and soy.



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